Documentary Rec: Biggest Little Farm

I didn’t think I’d be writing about this as I don’t watch TV but I watched the Biggest Little Farm and really enjoyed it! It’s a cute movie, and follows the journey of how an unlikely couple moved from Santa Monica to Moorpark to create a “simply, happy farm” with a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals with no background knowledge. They run into some challenges and always have some creative solutions to making sure the entire ecosystem is in harmony. They started this before regenerative agriculture became a buzzword, so they had a hard time finding the resources (i.e.… Read More »Documentary Rec: Biggest Little Farm

Immunity Focus during a Pandemic

Background: Self Decode recently put out a really cool report documenting your pre-dispositions to COVID-19. Immunity/Supplements: As shared below, I started really focusing on immunity because of COVID, which kind of led me down the SARS/ARDS/cytokine storm rabbithole as well. As always, the first thing to monitor is sleep and stress. The Oura Ring is being used to early detect sickness, so I’m tracking these closely. I’ve been following Peter Attia and Rhonda Patrick primarily as my sources of info. A few Mercola things but nothing lately. The “can’t hurt to try” stuff: I don’t want to be that guy that thinks… Read More »Immunity Focus during a Pandemic

Book Recs: Food Fix, AI Superpowers, Feeling Good

I thought I’d put out another summary of some recent reads. I’ve been mixing it up lately.. Food Fix: Mark Hyman – This is Mark Hyman’s latest book, this time tackling the policy changes that need to be made for our healthcare system to change. Everyone is talking about “flattening the curve” and, yes, that is our most urgent, pressing need at this moment. But imagine if our healthcare system wasn’t already near capacity and less people had the risk factors to turn COVID-19 more lethal? The book also has interesting insights on how factory farmed meat and processed frankenmeats (Beyond/Impossible Burgers)… Read More »Book Recs: Food Fix, AI Superpowers, Feeling Good

Food and Travel

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Maintaining your health during travel, while allowing yourself some of the treats each city has to offer!

10 Recommended Running and Health Books

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Here are 10 books on running and health that I’ve read recently that I would highly recommend: 26 Marathons by Meb Keflezighi: Each chapter covers one of the 26 marathons that Meb raced competitively, and the lessons he learned from it. He was remarkably consistent, over a long period of time.  Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown: I was recommended this one a week before my VO2 max test.  Top takeaways: Practice nasal breathing and breath holds! I learned about your BOLT score, which measures how long you can hold your breathe and how that affects you in every aspect of… Read More »10 Recommended Running and Health Books

Coach Ian Ample Commercial - No Sugar Snacking

Ultramarathon Fueling: Race Day

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Finally, I take HVMN ketone esters as a direct source of ketones that I can take while also consuming carbs. A typical keto diet is so strict on restricting carbs because carbs trigger an insulin release, which stops fat burning. Then begins the carb cravings, sugar addiction/crashes, and, over the long term, insulin resistance. So a typical keto diet, as originally prescribed as a medical treatment, has people consuming next to no carbohydrates to force the body into ketosis.