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Alcohol and Training

Alcohol and training: We all know that alcohol impacts sleep/recovery, but it’s interesting to just see by how much! ?

This past Saturday, I went to a wedding and had a few drinks. On Sunday morning, my “recovery score” showed up at 45 (terrible), my resting heart rate shot up to 55 and my heart-rate variability was in the 20s. For perspective, my RHR stays between 38-42bpm and my HRV is normally 60-70. I’ve noticed my heart rate stays elevated 15-20bpm on nights that I drink, as it’s working “overtime” to compensate. ?️‍♂️

I wasn’t hung over on Sunday and felt fine, so if it weren’t for my Oura I probably would’ve “pushed through” another day of training. I drank a fair amount, but nothing too crazy. This is why I have a zero alcohol rule when I get serious for an event! ??‍♂️