East Canyon Marathon Finish

Race Report: East Canyon Marathon

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Each marathon that you run is an entirely different experience. I’m always experimenting and learning more about myself, my limits, and my body during races. I dive into my experience running the East Canyon Marathon, and a few other topics below in my blog post:
• How fueling both with UCAN gels and HVMN Ketone Esters helped me feel strong for the race
• Why training miles matter, and why they don’t
• Running in poor air: My decision to run wearing a KN95 mask
• PurpleAir vs AirNow and my AQI threshold for not running outside
• Why I carbo-loaded for this race
• The diminishing returns of fueling
• Muscle imbalances, possibly due to boxing
• The fluid nature of goal setting during marathons
The ideal cadence for running

Big Chief 50K - Coach Ian Cruz

Race Report: Big Chief 50K

I dive into my overall experience of the Big Chief 50K, and:
• Why athletes like Eliud Kipchoge are using glucose monitors to prepare for races
• The best time to fuel during your race (hint: it’s not pre-race as that and the onset of exercise causes a blood sugar crash immediately)
• How my glucose monitor impacted my fueling and race strategy
• Two startups (Levels Health and Supersapiens) and their differing philosophies for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
• Why I stay away from most gels and how the steady glucose impact of UCAN gels helped my performance
• How the elevation impacted me and how I used my (surprising) heart-rate data to determine my pacing [cont.]

Day 2 of Wearing a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)

Day 2 of my CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) tracking! I just wanted to do a quick log of my observations during Day 2 of my blood tracking: Morning: My blood sugar dips down to ~80 in the early morning. There’s a surge in blood sugar to 96 when I wake up. My understanding is that there is a cortisol release that leads to waking up. One thing that I’m trying to figure it out is why I woke up earlier than I wanted to. Typically my sleep cycles (as described in my blog post here) have me getting lots of… Read More »Day 2 of Wearing a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)