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Audiobooks While Running: A few audiobook recommendations for your long runs! Boxing, Running, Nutrition, Health and Business recs.

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Nasal Breathing While Running: An Unlikely PR strategy

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My fastest marathon didn’t coincide with the typical training story of having the most logged miles and vigorous training leading up to race day. Heading into the Mountains 2 Beach marathon, I had been averaging about 20 miles per week, but had sufficient cross training to feel comfortable with my aerobic capacity to be able to run the marathon. My marathon race strategy seemed a little unconventional – to pace myself for the first half according to the highest pace at which I could maintain nasal breathing.

Coach Ian – Week In Review: 08/16/2020

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Coach Ian – Week in Review: What I’m looking into: Levels Health: As many of you know, I’ve been experimenting with a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) to track my blood sugar levels throughout the day, tracking how it changes in response to stress, HIIT training, steady-state cardio, nutrition, fasting, and more. Well, Levels Health (not publicly available yet) has an app that monitors that data and assigns you a “metabolic health score”. It is really interesting to see this kind of data being use for athletic performance and overall health, rather than in response to metabolic dysfunction. With these analytics,… Read More »Coach Ian – Week In Review: 08/16/2020

Book Review: Carnivore Code by Paul Saladino

Recently, I finished up the book “Carnivore Code” by Dr Paul Saladino. I’m not exactly on the Carnivore diet bandwagon (I still eat a lot of plants), but still wanted to get a better understanding of the science behind a meat-only diet. Paul Saladino challenges many of the prevailing notions in health, and it was interesting to read his counter arguments. There are probably too many to list here, but here were a few highlights from the book: Cholesterol: Paul does a great job of detailing the important role cholesterol plays in overall health, and why you don’t just want… Read More »Book Review: Carnivore Code by Paul Saladino

Book Recs: Food Fix, AI Superpowers, Feeling Good

I thought I’d put out another summary of some recent reads. I’ve been mixing it up lately.. Food Fix: Mark Hyman¬†– This is Mark Hyman’s latest book, this time tackling the policy changes that need to be made for our healthcare system to change. Everyone is talking about “flattening the curve” and, yes, that is our most urgent, pressing need at this moment. But imagine if our healthcare system wasn’t already near capacity and less people had the risk factors to turn COVID-19 more lethal?¬†The book also has interesting insights on how factory farmed meat and processed frankenmeats (Beyond/Impossible Burgers)… Read More »Book Recs: Food Fix, AI Superpowers, Feeling Good

10 Recommended Running and Health Books

Over the past two years, I’ve started listening to audiobooks as I run. I’ve finished a number of nutrition books, with my top recommendations being those by Dr. Mark Hyman (Food, Ultramind, UltraMetabolism) and Max Lugavere (Genius Foods).  Usually the week before races, I’ll switch over to an endurance racing book for inspo. This past marathon, it was 26 Marathons by Meb Keflezighi, winner of the 2004 Boston Marathon.  26 Marathons: Each chapter covers one of the 26 marathons that Meb raced competitively, and the lessons he learned from it. He was remarkably consistent, over a long period of time. … Read More »10 Recommended Running and Health Books