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RIP Angel “Little Hawk” Balderas

RIP Angel “Little Hawk” Balderas

I met Angel in 2016. We called him “Little Hawk” because he fought just like our pro, Moises “Hawk” Benitez. He loved it, and lived up to the nickname with his relentless pressure style. But he’d come out the ring with a huge smile on his face because he loved every minute of it.

Fast forward to last year. He’d come to my track workouts with baggy sweatpants. I thought “ah, he doesn’t want to be here this early.” Then he’d just take off sprinting. He pushed Mark to his limits for his fight date (that got cancelled) last October. He told me how he grew to love running and how it cleared his mind. It’s been inspiring seeing the breadth of his maturity these last few years. Lucky to have crossed paths with you champ.

RIP Angel Balderas. A life taken too soon.

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