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Race Report: Big SURreal 21 Miler

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  • September 7, 2020April 22, 2021
Race Report: Big SURreal Virtual Challenge 21-Miler
Big SURreal Virtual Challenge 21-Miler

The Big SURreal Virtual Challenge is underway! I ran the Big SURreal 21 miler on Saturday, 9/5/20. This was actually the first run that i had done in 3 weeks (since 8/15) due to the air quality, so I had to adjust my expectations accordingly. I view it as a great training run and a chance to experiment with fueling and my CGM data. ??

Pre-race Fueling: As noted above, I tried out Sfuels electrolytes and bars to fuel, which I found to be effective. Something that was quite different than my usual pre-run routine was using Ample V (Vegan), so I had some carbs before running. ??

Glucose Levels: Tracking with my CGM (continuous glucose monitor), my glucose started at 110 and stayed between 90-100 most of the run. I kept my heart rate around 152 the entire run, and noticed that my glucose really stayed stable or would periodically spike, without fueling, during the run if I would pick up the pace a little faster than I wanted. ❤️

Fueling: I didn’t fuel until mile 17, when I had an Sfuels bar, which tasted great! SFuels is a low carb fueling option that ultraathlete Zach Bitter uses. Zach Bitter currently holds the 100M record and has previously raced on a carnivore diet. ?

Route: I ran by Almaden Lake down to San Vincente and passed some trails I used to run over 10 years ago at my childhood home. I reminisced on how back then my 6 mile runs were such a big deal, and how far I’ve come. Even though it’s easy to stress over times, PRs, and other metrics like that, it’s always good to take a step back and appreciate how far you’ve come. Once upon a time, running a marathon would have been an insane thought, and now I’m training for marathon #9. ??

Outlook: Overall, I’m just grateful to be able to run an organized race, even if it’s virtual! With the pandemic, the fires, and all that 2020 has thrown at us, I consider running a major victory. ??