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Coach Ian – Week In Review: 05/02/2021

Coach Ian – Week in Review 05/02/2021

Podcast of the Week:

#159 – Peter Hotez, M.D., Ph.D.: Evolution of the anti-vaccine movement, the causes of autism, and COVID-19 vaccine state of affairs

This was a good listen on the anti-vaccine movement, how it started with the Wakefield paper, how the Tea Party used it, and the current anti-science sentiment. It was also interesting to learn more about autism and its causes, how early it develops (prenatally, prior to any vaccines being given, even though first signs show right around 1-2 years when babies get their MMR vaccine), the underdiagnosis (primarily in women) of autism today, and the lack of resources those with autism face upon adulthood.

Book I’m Reading

The Perfect Mile: Three Athletes, One Goal, and Less than 4 Minutes to Achieve It – Neal Bascomb

Run Streak and Running Goals:

Progress: As of 5/2/21, I’ve now run 508 miles for the year, while maintaining my 122-day run streak.

Share of the Week:

While watching fights, I usually watch the entire fight including the cornerwork between rounds. I like to hear what coaches tell their fighters in that valuable minute between rounds. There are so many trainers I look up to, here are a few clips of some trainers that I like to watch.

Share of the Week #2:

I’m glad we collectively have begun to change the stigma of mental health issues. Growing up, it was common to believe that speaking out on mental health was a sign of weakness. As a result, many try to tough out any problems they have and don’t seek appropriate help. Prayers and best wishes to Ryan Garcia and all those struggling with their mental health.

Boxing Highlights:

Michael Conlan vs Ionut Baluta: Michael Conlan is an exciting prospect with an extensive amateur background. Many remember him from the 2016 Olympics, where he lost a very controversial decision against Nikitin in the quarter-finals and flipped the judges the double bird. Since then, he’s turned pro and avenged his amateur defeat to Nikitin.

This fight inspired my post above on watching the corners. Twitter had some negative things to say about Michael Conlan’s trainer, Adam Booth, blaming him for an unimpressive performance. I have some sympathy for Adam Booth as a trainer, because it typically takes some time to mold a fighter into a finished product. There’s also a lot that goes on behind the scenes, so we don’t know exactly what went on in camp in the lead up to the fight. And, of course, we should give some credit to Ionut Baluta, a tough journeyman who has been in there with a number of prospects and has pulled off the upset several times.

That being said, here were some observations of the cornerwork in the fight and how the fight played out:

  • Adam Booth was adamant that Baluta would fade in the later rounds. Baluta didn’t and started to win rounds when Michael Conlan wasn’t busy.
  • Booth preached going from the mid range to the inside range to work the body. He kept referring to this as something they had been working in camp. Conlan did go extensively to the body (especially in round 8), but mainly from the mid-range while being out punched heavily to dig his one body shot. When he did get really close, Baluta would clinch.
    • I don’t know if a part of this was Conlan not being able to execute as Booth was asking for a “drumroll”. I assume he meant more than one hard shot to the body and wanted some of those body shots to set up hooks to the head.
  • Booth was convinced that Baluta was being broken down. It was interesting, as Conlan really was working the body, but as the fight wore on you could tell that Baluta clearly wasn’t wearing down.
  • Booth also kept saying Baluta goes hard for the first minute and fades. But that was more of a good story than the truth, Baluta was throwing the entire round. Inactivity was the only reason why Michael Conlan was losing rounds.
  • Conlan had more success boxing rom the oustide and establishing his jab, but was pressuring and working the body at his trainers’ request.

So I see why some people had the criticisms they did. Adam Booth seems like a good trainer with a game plan who gives clear, concise instructions, but I think this fight was a little tougher than it should have been had Conlan used his jab and boxed on the outside a little more.

Doing some research, it looks like Michael Conlan changed trainers from Manny Robles to Adam Booth to be closer to family. Conlan’s initial comments were that Robles was more of a Mexican style and that Adam Booth’s training is closer to his natural style of fighting. I don’t know much about Booth, but Conlan was almost fighting in a Mexican style with his pressure and body work. I think Michael Conlan is a very talented prospect, so I’ll keep an eye out on how he develops.

Katie Taylor vs Natasha Jonas:

This was an action packed fight. Katie Taylor started off strong and I had her winning the early rounds based on her workrate. She’s physically stronger than Jonas, and it took a while for Natasha Jonas to get going.

Natasha Jonas started to come back in the middle rounds as she started to time Katie. Jonas had a dominant 8th round, until about 40 seconds left when Katie Taylor stunned her, which may have stolen the round. Katie Taylor then went on to finish the fight strong with 4-6 punch flurries of quick punches through Jonas’ high guard to win a very close decision.

I had the fight a little more wide in favor of Katie Taylor at 97-93, as I gave her more of the close rounds. But Jonas’ accuracy impressed me and exposed a few concerns for Katie Taylor.

From here, I’d like to see Katie Taylor fight Amanda Serrano or a rematch against Jessica McCaskill. I’d favor either of them against her, but have the following thoughts on it:

  • Katie Taylor’s a bull. She physically overpowers her opponents, such as Natasha Jonas. But I’m thinking either Jessica McCaskill or Amanda Serrano have the physical strength to not get bullied around.
    • The eye test tells me that Amanda Serrano is physically stronger than Katie Taylor. But Amanda’s last fight was at 125lbs (although she’s won titles up to 140lbs) and Katie fought at 135lbs this past weekend.
  • Katie Taylor’s hands dropped after the 4th round and she really doesn’t move her head much. She starts to square up when putting pressure, and Jonas was able to make her pay for it. Amanda Serrano has quite a bit more pop in her punches and could hurt Katie Taylor.
  • Katie Taylor has the foot speed to move in and out well, but sometimes throws from too far away.
  • Natasha Jonas was landing some good counter shovel hooks to Katie Taylor’s body in round 8. I could see Amanda Serrano landing the same type of body shot on Katie Taylor she used to knock out Bermudez.
  • Prediction: Amanda Serrano by KO

Chris Arreola vs Andy Ruiz:

I watched Chris Arreola 10+ years ago, and only wish he could have gotten himself down to this weight back then. I was happy to see him down at this weight and for his experience to give him some great moments, like knocking down Andy Ruiz in round 2. Unfortunately, his work rate (~40 punches per round) was a little too low to win rounds. Andy Ruiz also made a nice adjustment to find his range and not come rushing in to Arreola. He stayed away from the chopping right hand that Arreola landed in the 2nd round in the later half of the fight and won a decision.

This Week at Dreamland Boxing:

Our classes have been increased to 17 people per class. Also, open gym hours have been extended from 9:30AM to 12:30PM and a Beginner’s Boxing Class on Saturdays at noon with Coach Eric. See the full updates here.

Dreamland Boxing has re-opened for outdoor classes. Classes will be capped and there will be no waitlist for classes. Come join me on Fridays at 4:30PM for a workout!

Also, I have continued to host our virtual boxing sessions. Thank you to our members for keeping your memberships active and continuing to support our gym during this time. And I’m personally glad to have been able to aid in your boxing development all year!

Our virtual practices this week featured the following:

  • Breaking down the Edgar Berlanga, Chrisopher Diaz vs Navarrette, and Joseph Adorno vs Jamaine Ortiz fights
  • Slips and counters
  • Angles
  • How to hold mitts
  • Body weight circuits
  • Kettlebell Single-Arm Swings and Turkish Get-Ups
  • And more!

You can find a full list of drills if you are a current Dreamland Boxing member in the Premium Drills section of my website.

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