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Coach Ian – Week In Review: 12/19/2021

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  • December 19, 2021January 5, 2022

Coach Ian – Week in Review 12/19/2021

Book I’m Reading

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman

“Productivity is a trap. Becoming more efficient just makes you more rushed, and trying to clear the decks simply makes them fill up again faster. Nobody in the history of humanity has ever achieved “work-life balance,” whatever that might be, and you certainly won’t get there by copying the “six things successful people do before 7:00 a.m.” The day will never arrive when you finally have everything under control—when the flood of emails has been contained; when your to-do lists have stopped getting longer; when you’re meeting all your obligations at work and in your home life; when nobody’s angry with you for missing a deadline or dropping the ball; and when the fully optimized person you’ve become can turn, at long last, to the things life is really supposed to be about. Let’s start by admitting defeat: none of this is ever going to happen. But you know what? That’s excellent news.”

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman

Share of the Week: A $250,000 Bribe During the 2016 Boxing Olympics and why Boxing Was Dropped from the 2028 Olympic Games

Wow! Following a number of scandals in scoring, Olympic Boxing is currently off the table for the 2028 Olympics. I remember in 2016, when Michael Conlan famously flipped the double-bird at the Olympic judges after being robbed (timestamp: 4:25).

On September 30, 2021, investigator Richard McLaren, who also investigated the Russian doping scandal, put out this report which found widespread “corruption, bribery, and the manipulation or sporting results.” (Section 1.4, page 7).  The results of these findings put boxing at risk of not being included in the 2028 Olympics, as they were left off the initial list of sports by the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

A $250,000 Bribe: Sofiane Oumiha (FRA) vs Otgondalai Dorjnyambuu (MGL)

There were quite a few stories here, but I’ll highlight the story of the fight between Sofiane Oumiha (FRA) and Otgondalai Dorjnyambuu (MGL) on August 14,2016. You may recall Oumiha as the 2016 silver medalist that Keyshawn Davis beat en route to his 2020 Olympic final fight. This was the 2016 Olympic semi-final, which earned Oumiha the right to fight Robson Conceicao in the final.

There were some different stories on who initiated the bribery attempt (either the referee Rakhymzhan Rysbayev or the Mongolian Boxing Federation), but there was a bribe somewhere in the range of $100,000 – $250,000 to pay for the Mongolian victory. The report states the following:

The bribery approach generally unfolded as follows. At some point prior to the semi-final bout, a threat was made by the 5 star Rysbaev to the Mongolian Federation. According to Mongolian Federation’s team delegate he understood that the R&J “get[s] the money. If not, then your boxer loses. Before [the fight] they said that: Your boxer loses. If [you] don’t give the money, then your boxer loses.” The bribe amount, to which the witnesses had differing recollections, which was somewhere in between US$100,000 to US$250,000, had to be paid in cash to Rysbayev prior to the start of the semi-final bout if they wanted their boxer to proceed to the next round. The witness from the Mongolian Federation went on to say that if they did not pay, then Rysbayev threatened to make sure that he, Khishgee (the Mongolian 3 star R&J) and the entire Mongolian boxing team would be sent back to Mongolia.

You can read more here.

Boxing Highlight of the Week:

Brandun Lee (24-0) stops Juan Heraldez

There were a number of great fights over the past week:

With all of those great fights, it would be easy to overlook what Brandun Lee did against a tough veteran in the sport. Juan Heraldez had beaten some quality opposition prior to being stopped by Regis Prograis in his last fight. Brandun Lee had some trouble finding his range early in the fight, but eventually scored an 8th round knockout with a sharp 1-2 as Heraldez was trying to circle away from the ropes.

Brandun Lee is 24-0 with 22 knockouts. Many fighters with high knockout percentages have padded records against soft opposition. But take a look at his last 8 fights. The combined record of his last 8 opponents is 158-33 (10-1, 44-15, 15-2, 16-3, 12-4, 17-3, 28-4, and 16-1). All knockouts. That’s impressive.

Last Night’s Fights:

I’m sure you all saw Jake Paul’s knockout over Tyrone Woodley, so I’ll spare re-sharing that for the 1,000th time.

I wanted the highlight the great fights in women’s boxing from last night.

Amanda Serrano UD Miriam Gutierrez:

Seniesa Estrada KO Maria Santizo: Right after switching to a southpaw stance!

Run Streak and Running Goals:

Progress: As of 12/19/21, I’ve now run 1,463 miles for the year, while maintaining my 353-day run streak.

Health Share of the Week: $50 Off the Oura Ring!

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This Week at Dreamland Boxing:

Coach Ian’s Classes:

As you may know, I am currently donating my time to host virtual online boxing classes for the members of our 501c(3) non-profit boxing gym, Dreamland Boxing. As an active member of Dreamland, you will receive the materials and video recaps of each lesson through my website under the “Premium Drills” section.

Dreamland has also increased its outdoor capacity to 16 students per class, and lifted limits on how many classes you can sign up for in a week. Join me for a class on Fridays at 4:30PM!

Our practices this week featured the following:

  • How to jab and not be countered with an overhand
  • The importance of doubling up the jab
  • When to step out of range vs when to smother
  • Footwork
  • Body weight circuits
  • And more!

You can view our full practices here.


You must be a registered member to sign up for a class, you cannot just drop-in! If you are a current member, you will receive a sign-up link to reserve your time slot every Saturday. Reserve right away because slots fill up quick (by Monday)!!

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