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Documentary Rec: Biggest Little Farm

I didn’t think I’d be writing about this as I don’t watch TV but I watched the Biggest Little Farm and really enjoyed it!

It’s a cute movie, and follows the journey of how an unlikely couple moved from Santa Monica to Moorpark to create a “simply, happy farm” with a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals with no background knowledge. They run into some challenges and always have some creative solutions to making sure the entire ecosystem is in harmony.

They started this before regenerative agriculture became a buzzword, so they had a hard time finding the resources (i.e. Googling “traditional farming”) on how to replenish their soil and build their farm. It’s more of an easy watch of their experience than an academic documentary. You really just intuitively understand the environmental impact of their biodiverse methods by looking at the before/after, and by seeing how monocrop farms with dead soil dirt would easily flood (and leave nitrogen runoff dumping into our oceans), while Apricot Lane Farms was hardly impacted, storing the excess rainfall in the soil.  

Related books on the topic that I could recommend are “Kiss The Ground” by Josh Tickell and “Food Fix” by Mark Hyman, which both do a great job of explaining the importance of our soil and its impact on reversing climate change (by sequestering carbon at a greater rate than livestock methane emissions).