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Dreamland Boxing: Mt Umunhum Run (04/04/2018)

Mt Umunhum run with the team today. ??‍♂️??‍♂️

I openly say that there’s no need to run my kind of mileage for amateur bouts. I’m not trying to turn our guys into marathon runners. When I fought, pretty much all I did were 800m repeats. And that’s still a core part of our training. But I still believe in challenging them with these trails. I’m a big believer in hill repeats for VO2 max work. But the distance is for the mind. To stretch your limits and shatter your expectations. To see that cube way up high and far off in the distance but know that running to it ain’t nothing but easy work ??. There’s something to that. Physical strength is important but mental toughness is everything.