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Immunity Focus during a Pandemic

Background: Self Decode recently put out a really cool report documenting your pre-dispositions to COVID-19.


  • As shared below, I started really focusing on immunity because of COVID, which kind of led me down the SARS/ARDS/cytokine storm rabbithole as well.
COVID-19 Report – Self Decode
  • As always, the first thing to monitor is sleep and stress. The Oura Ring is being used to early detect sickness, so I’m tracking these closely.
  • I’ve been following Peter Attia and Rhonda Patrick primarily as my sources of info. A few Mercola things but nothing lately.
  • The “can’t hurt to try” stuff: I don’t want to be that guy that thinks he can take some magic supplement and then hop on to a plane to New York and go to a concert, but I did want to tweak my protocol to gear it towards immunity instead of performance. 
    • The supplements that I’m putting a focus on (through diet, naturally, or supplementation) are glutathione/NAC, vitamin C, zinc (reduces binding power of ACE2), and vitamin D (get some sun!)
    • Probiotic of choice: There was some reasoning to this with the particular strains of bacteria in it. I basically compiled a list of what I wanted in a probiotic and checked through several different probiotics to see which had the most crossover. The themes were for targeting MX1 (viral replication) and IL-6 and IL-10 (inflammation). 
      • The one that I settled on was Dr Perlmutter’s “Garden of Life” probiotic. Note that they do not market anything COVID related or make any claims, that was just my conclusion. It’s tasteless, so I mix it with my morning Organifi. 

Of course, the most important thing to do is follow hygiene measures and socially distance yourselves from other.