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Race Report: Antelope Canyon Ultramarathon

First ultramarathon in the books! The Antelope Canyon 55km was a beautiful course in Page, Arizona, passing Horseshoe Bend and running through the Lower Antelope Slot Canyon. The course had some tough technical sections and was made more difficult as we were running mostly in sand. Thankfully, it was well organized with plenty of aid stations along the way.

After a PR-chasing 2018, this was my only athletic goal for 2019 – a distance PR and my first ultra. 2019’s been mad busy for me between juggling my finance career, training a bigger than usual team for Dreamland Boxing Training Center’s first amateur show, helping out at my mom’s yoga studio, Downtown Yoga Shala, (major announcements in progress), and buying my first condo and moving in February. As a result, I’ve only run 210 miles this year, or 21 miles/week, which is low for a marathon, let alone ultramarathon training. So I adjusted my expectations and prepped myself to be out there all day, which made the race a lot more enjoyable as I could soak in the experience, meet people, and take pictures along the way.

Most importantly I ran this ultra in loving memory of my Tita Pixie whose sudden passing has reminded me of the importance of family and the positive impact her life has made on me and the rest of my family. This race was for you Tita Pixie, I enjoyed it very much and know you were watching over me.