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Race Report: Mountains 2 Beach Marathon

On Sunday, I ran the Mountains 2 Beach marathon in Ventura. It was a course meant for a BQ/PR, but my goal was a sub 4.

My strategy for this race goes against what you’re taught – to start fast. Again, in training I was only getting ~20 miles per week, but this time I added in more cross training and interval training. Based on the low mileage training and my experiences, I guessed I would cramp up around the 3 hour mark.

So the goal was to run with the 3:30 pacer for the first half for a 1:45 first half, given that I could run the entire first half nasal breathing only to keep it at a fast aerobic pace. My VO2 tests suggested I could push that pace. I figured the second half on tired legs could come in at 2:15, but mid race I felt so good that I pushed for that 2:00 second half to PR.

I ended up cramping at mile 17 and turned my form into an ugly waddle for the last 9 miles ?. But it was all worth the PR!