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Shadowboxing: A Crucial Part of Your Boxing Training

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  • October 1, 2020September 12, 2021

Shadowboxing isn’t just a mindless warm-up! ?

I showed this to my fighters the other day to have them pay attention to the subtle things Floyd does while shadowboxing. He shadowboxes like he’s actually in the ring – focusing on several concepts such as:

  • defense
  • setting traps
  • using feints
  • anticipating punches and counters
  • flurrying off the ropes
  • pivoting to regain center control
  • shifting southpaw
  • changing levels
  • drawing his (imaginary) opponent in for a check hook,
  • and more.

The full videos only a single round but he still works through all of the aforementioned different situations. ?

This is why I remind my fighters to really visualize being in there with an opponent when they shadowbox. The Cuban amateur team has a very heavy emphasis on shadowboxing and its a big part of their success. ??

Rather than focusing on specific combinations, I like to break down my boxing lessons into themes. Boxing is like a game of chess, with an infinite number of iterations of the combinations, counter-punches, defensive maneuvers, and footwork that can be implemented at different times. In our online boxing course, I break down the different ways of thinking of your shadowboxing into different themes (combinations on the inside, outside, against a southpaw, against a taller fighter, etc.). Try and implement these all into your shadowboxing rounds!

Full Video: Posted by @lawllb
Captioned by: @CBCBoxing
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