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Community Spotlight: Vicky Zhao (Dreamland Boxing)

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  • August 26, 2020April 22, 2021

Hey everyone, I’ll be putting out a weekly series to highlight some of the trainers, boxers, runners, and other members of our community. This week’s feature is on Dreamland Boxing‘s own Vicky Zhao!

Vicky Zhao training for her professional debut at Dreamland Boxing in San Jose, CA
Vicky Zhao training for her professional debut at Dreamland Boxing in San Jose, CA

Community Spotlight – Vicky Zhao (Dreamland Boxing): After posting a perfect amateur record of 22-0, Vicky Zhao has announced that she will be turning professional. Listen as Vicky describes her amateur journey, dating back to her days at UC Davis with Coach Joel Stern and Hector, her love for boxing, finding a second home at Dreamland, her getting Masters at Santa Clara University, her sparring stories with Carina Moreno, Sandra Magallon, and Mariana Gonzalez, and her expectation to dominate the 106lb weight division.

00 – Introduction – Vicky Zhao
01 – The Big News – Vicky Zhao Turning Pro after a Perfect Amateur Record
02 – Never Above the Basics – Vicky Re-learning Everything
03 – Vicky on Going 22-0 as an amateur
04 – How Vicky Started Boxing at UC Davis
05 – Coach Joel Stern at UC Davis and the UC Davis Boxing Team
06 – Impact of Coach Joel and Hector on Vicky’s development
07 – Finding her Second Home – The Impact of Coach Jesse and Gina Huerta at Dreamland Boxing
08 – Earning Coach Joel’s Respect
09 – Vicky on Joining Dreamland and Sparring With the Sandra, Carina Moreno, Mariana Gonzalez, Alexis Gomez, and more!
10 – Vicky on getting her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University
11 – Vicky on her Pro Debut
12 – The State of Women’s Boxing
13 – Vicky on Moving Up in Weight to Get Fights in the Amateurs
14 – Vicky Expects to Dominate the 106lb weight class in the Pros
15 – Vicky Sparring Stories – Pro Fighter Carina Moreno, Golden Gloves Champion Sandra Magallon, and Nationally Ranked Mariana Gonzalez
16 – Vicky’s Toughest Amateur Fight – with only 3 Fights going Up Against someone with 20+ fights
17 – Vicky’s Mentality Before a Fight and Hating Amateur Wait Times
18 – Vicky On What Will Change in Preparation as a Pro
19 – Vicky On Composure and What Motivates Her
20 – Vicky On Fighting without Fans and Closing Thoughts

Upcoming: I have a list of boxers, coaches, and runners coming up! (Don’t want to spoil anything yet) If you’re interested in being interviewed, please contact me at

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