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Conditioning for Boxing - Dreamland Boxing team running Mission Peak

Conditioning for Boxing

Preparing for your first amateur boxing match can be quite intimidating. Often times, fighters are solely focused on their boxing development, sparring progress, and making weight that they don’t think about anything else.
Read more for what you should know before competing in your first amateur boxing match.

Running Mistakes: Lessons From My First Marathon by Coach Ian Cruz

Running Mistakes: Lessons From My First Marathon

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Running Mistakes – Everyone makes them training for their first marathon. From not knowing how to fuel, to wearing improper running shoes, a poor stride, or not tapering, nobody gets everything “perfect”.

The biggest issues I had in training for my first marathon were my expectations. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t know how hard it is to BQ. I didn’t realize how much harder the trails are than road races. I didn’t know how to structure the mileage of my run and what burnout is. I didn’t know how to fuel, how to fix my stride, and how to breathe. And I made a few other funny mistakes along the way.

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Nasal Breathing While Running: An Unlikely PR strategy

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My fastest marathon didn’t coincide with the typical training story of having the most logged miles and vigorous training leading up to race day. Heading into the Mountains 2 Beach marathon, I had been averaging about 20 miles per week, but had sufficient cross training to feel comfortable with my aerobic capacity to be able to run the marathon. My marathon race strategy seemed a little unconventional – to pace myself for the first half according to the highest pace at which I could maintain nasal breathing.

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What is Insulin Resistance and Why Is It Important

A topic of interest for me when talking about health is insulin resistance. My initial dive into the subject came after reading Max Lugavere’s “Genius Foods“, where I learned about Alzheimer’s sometimes being called type 3 diabetes – or insulin resistance in the brain. Having seen more of my peers be diagnosed as diabetic or pre-diabetic has gotten me to really open my eyes to the diabesity epidemic in America. I finished up the book “Obesity Code” by Dr Jason Fung last year and am now reading “Diabetes Code” by the same author. As many of you know, I’m currently… Read More »What is Insulin Resistance and Why Is It Important