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Coach Ian – Week In Review: (03/07/2021)

Coach Ian – Week in Review 03/07/2021:

What I’m Listening To:

Matteo Franceschetti – Modernizing Sleep – [Founder’s Field Guide, EP. 23]


Invest like the Best – Matteo Franceschetti, CEO of Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep is a startup trying to optimize the way we sleep. The Eight Sleep mattress is a mattress that regulates temperature, tracks HRV (heart rate variability), sleep stages, and other metrics correlated with health and syncs them with your phone. The founder wants to help people improve the quality and efficiency of their sleep, and maximize their REM and Deep Sleep percentages.

While a general rule is to try to get 8 hours of sleep, it’s more important to maximize the amounts of REM and Deep sleep. One of my goals is to always hit 3.5-4 hours of REM + Deep Sleep in a night, regardless of how many total hours I sleep. The Eight Sleep mattress aims to help people improve on those metrics by regulating the temperature of your mattress throughout the night (as your body temperature fluctuates through different stages of sleep) and provide awareness of different variables that impact sleep quality.

Outside of the health aspects of the mattress, Matteo gives a background on how he got interested in sleep, what it’s like working with his wife, and the business side of running a startup.

Article of the Week:

Conditioning for Boxing: I wrote about getting in shape for your first boxing match. Outside of your boxing training and sparring, how to structure your roadwork, incorporating tabata’s, half-mile sprints, Yasso 800’s, Heart Rate Zone training, hill repeats, distance running, and the Maffetone Method (for recovery) into your training.

Run Streak and Running Goals:

Since the start of the year, I’ve started off a Run Streak. I’ve run 5K/day every day, except for Saturday’s which are for my long distance runs.

Progress: As of 3/7/21, I’ve now run 268 miles for the year, while maintaining my 66-day run streak.

Boxing Matches This Week:

Claressa Shields vs Mari Eva Dicaire

Claressa Shields fought an overmatched Marie Eve Dicaire and won by UD. I started off the bout rooting for Claressa, but was often frustrated by how hard she looks for a knockout rather than setting up her offense. She loads up with a wild overhand, with Marie would smother by rushing in and tying up. Claressa’s best moments of success were when Marie threw punches and opened herself up for Claressa’s counters. But as an aggressor, Claressa was predictable in looking to set up her overhand.

Claressa Shields is a physically gifted and extremely talented boxer. Unfortunately, these fights don’t help her. She wins so easily that she never has to make adjustments. Towards the end of the fight, I wanted to see her reaction to her performance. These kinds of fights can provide a learning opportunity. Unfortunately, she gave herself a 9/10 and blamed Mari for rushing in and the two-minute rounds for not being able to score the knockout. The knockout would come if she set it up and put together combinations, rather than loading up that right hand from the waist all night.

She has a great coach in John David Jackson and I’m sure they work on this behind closed doors. The next fight that makes sense for Claressa Shields would be against Savannah Marshall, the only woman to record a victory over Claressa (in the amateurs). I really don’t see anyone coming close to Claressa Shields, and Savannah’s no different. I’m just hoping to see her set up her offense with her jab, feints, combinations, etc. rather than just looking the one-punch knockout. I could see her stopping Savannah (or anyone) if she does.

This Week at Dreamland Boxing:

Justin Cardona (4-0) and top-ranked amateur Dominic Reed came by Dreamland to spar with Mark.

Dreamland Boxing has re-opened for outdoor classes. Classes will be capped and there will be no waitlist for classes. Come join me on Fridays at 4:30PM for a workout!

Dreamland has also increased its outdoor capacity to 12 students per class, and lifted limits on how many classes you can sign up for in a week. Join me for a class on Fridays at 4:30PM!

Also, I have continued to host our virtual boxing sessions. Thank you to our members for keeping your memberships active and continuing to support our gym during this time. And I’m personally glad to have been able to aid in your boxing development all year!

Our practices this week featured the following:

  • Breaking down the Marc Castro and Keyshawn Davis fights
  • Breaking down some of Canelo’s feints and how he sets up his uppercuts and hooks to the body
  • Transitioning from defense to offense
  • Defense Drills while on the inside
  • Body weight circuits
  • Kettlebell Single-Arm Swings and Turkish Get-Ups
  • And more!

You can find a full list of drills if you are a current Dreamland Boxing member in the Premium Drills section of my website.

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