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Day 1 of Wearing a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)

Day 1 of CGM (continuous glucose monitor) tracking! I’ll be wearing this for 14 days to track and see how my blood sugar levels fluctuate throughout the day in response to sleep, stress, and various foods.
I’ll do a write up when I’m all done. Today, I noticed that my KITU Super Espresso (without sugar) does in fact spike my blood sugar. Otherwise, I can keep up it around 120 post meal. I also ran 5K at an easy pace – my blood sugar was 107 pre-run, 110 post-run, and 99 twenty minutes after my run. I want to see how these numbers track when I do longer distances, or when I do S&C or interval training. I think I’m going to run with a heart rate monitor so I can correlate my pace/intensity to blood sugar response as well.
I’ve seen things like people experimenting with different methods of preparing their food (ie boiled sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index and baked sweet potatoes have a high glycemic index). I’m experimenting with many similar things (I intermittent fast, but would like to see how a prolonged multi-day fast impact my blood sugar) to see how different variables impact me – but am open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas or anything they’re curious about!

The variables that I’ll be tracking are:
• A 3-Day Water Fast
• Stress
• Coffee
• HIIT training
• Cardio training (long-distance running)
• Sleep (what level of glucose is optimal for my sleep/recovery – will correlate with @Ouraring data)
• My Diet! (@amplemeal smoothies!)

continuous glucose monitor
Freestyle Libre CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)

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