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Day 2 of Wearing a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)

Day 2 of my CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) tracking! I just wanted to do a quick log of my observations during Day 2 of my blood tracking:

  • Morning: My blood sugar dips down to ~80 in the early morning. There’s a surge in blood sugar to 96 when I wake up. My understanding is that there is a cortisol release that leads to waking up. One thing that I’m trying to figure it out is why I woke up earlier than I wanted to.
    • Typically my sleep cycles (as described in my blog post here) have me getting lots of deep sleep early in the night, and lots of REM in the early morning.
      • Sleeping 10-6AM will be Deep Sleep dominant
      • Sleeping between 1-9AM would be REM dominant
  • Late morning walk: I did some household errands and go for a walk (~1 mile).
    • Result: My blood sugar stayed between 97-10.
  • First Meal: My first meal of the day is a huge Ample Meal smoothie – with added Almond Milk, Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Brain Octane Oil, Almond Butter, Cacao Nibs, and Bitter Melon Extract. In addition, I have some supplements in there as well – MSM, Glucosamine, Beta Alanine, Creatine, L – Citruline, and Collagen Protein. This smoothie is like 1,500 calories.
      • Result: My blood sugar only rises to 109.
  • Boxing Workout and Body-weight workout: I do a workout of squats, lunges, rows, hurdles and box jumps. Then I do 6×3 rounds of boxing on the heavy bag, but nothing too crazy. I’m going to look for my heart rate monitor tonight, but I’m guessing I never went over 155bpm (i.e. I was never in an anaerobic state).
        • Result: 2:54PM my blood sugar was 99
  • Pre-dinner:
    • Cleaning Garage: I spent the day cleaning our garage and had two MCT bars. By 6:19PM my blood sugar was 126. By 6:43 it was back down to 106.
    • Pre-dinner workout (100 KB Swings): I try to do 100KB swings before dinner every day to reduce my insulin response to carbohydrates. My understanding is that workouts increase GLUT4 expression, which, like insulin, is responsible for transporting glucose into cells for energy. After I did my kettlebell swings, my blood sugar is at 113.
      • I got some questions about the workout spikes of blood glucose. My understanding is that the body will break down protein into glucose in response to training, so it’s normal to see a spike.
    •  I’ve decided to experiment and eat something higher in carbs than usual – Vietnamese Spring Rolls. We didn’t add the vermicelli noodles, but we kept everything else the same with catfish as our meat. The part that concerned me was the Rice Paper.
  • Result: My blood sugar shot up to 170 immediately post-meal! I definitely did not see it that high yesterday, so I was a bit freaked out. I’m still trying to figure out what a normal number is immediately after eating – the common number that I see referenced is 140 two-hours after the meal.
  • 2 Hours Post-Dinner: 2 Hours after my meal, my blood sugar returned down to 115, which is within the reference range
  • Overall: My blood sugar remained stable throughout the day, apart from my dinner. It’s interesting to see the difference my meal made, compared to yesterday where everything was completely stable.

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