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Community Spotlight: Marlon Fernando (Triniti Fit)

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  • September 2, 2020April 22, 2021

Hey everyone, I’ll be putting out a weekly series to highlight some of the trainers, boxers, runners, and other members of our community. This week’s feature is on Triniti Fit‘s Marlon Fernando!

Marlon Fernando
Marlon Fernando (Triniti Fit)

Community Spotlight – Marlon Fernando (Triniti Fit): Marlon Fernando a Strength and Conditioning Coach based out of Los Angeles who currently works with professional boxers Gerald Washington (20-4), Adam “Blunose” Lopez (14-2), Janibek Alimkhanuly (8-0), and Joshua Zuniga (11-1). Previously, Marlon was an amateur boxer and boxed out of the same gym that I did, Gio’s Boxing Gym.

We had a long conversation about training professional fighters, periodization, nutrition, recovery, mobility, running form and efficiency, insulin resistance, water fasting, ketosis, intermittent fasting, heart rate training, training during the pandemic, and our influences (Cal Dietz, Peter Attia, Phil Maffetone, Hal Higdon, Mark Sisson, Dr Jason Fung, etc.)

00 – Intro to Marlon
01 – What Marlon’s Been Up to Since the Pandemic
02 – Marlon Fernando’s Path To Training Pro Boxers
03 – What Marlon Has Learned about Training after his Boxing Days
04 – Injury Prevention and Periodization
05 – How Long are Training Camps for Pro Fighters
06 – Marlon’s Nutrition Advice for his Fighters
07 – Marlon’s Amateur Career and Training with John Pullman
08 – Marlon’s Sprint Training for Amateur Fights and Overtraining
09 – Marlon’s Recovery Methods
10 – Mobility for Boxers
11 – Marlon’s current running and training for a half marathon
12 – Cramps and Breathwork (nasal) for running
13 – Efficiency – Running Form and Cadence
14 – HR rate while running and efficiency
15 – Where Marlon’s Been Running
16 – Ian’s Half-Mile Sprints for Boxing
17 – Yasso 800’s
18 – Ian on Half Marathon Training (Hal Higdon example.) and Tapering
19 – Mark Sisson’s “Primal Endurance”, the Maffetone Rule, and Why Chronic Cardio can be dangerous
20 – Why Ian Doesn’t Fuel with Traditional Running Supplements
21 – Ian’s Nutrition “Carbs by Volume, Fat by Calories”, Thoughts of Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting
22 – Marlon reading Dr Jason Fung’s “The Obesity Code” and Intermittent (and 24 Hour)Fasting
23 – Ian reconciling the “Calories In Calories Out” and “Hormonal Imbalance” Philosophies of Weight Loss
24 – Ian on just finishing a 48 Hour Fast while wearing a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)
25 – Peter Attia, the app Zero for Fasting, and how fasting kickstarts autophagy
26 – Marlon on Trying a 3 Day Fast and his 24 Hour Fasts
27 – Breaking your Fast with Breakfast and Why Juice Cleanses Differ from Fasting
28 – First Meal after a Fast
29 – Ian Training During the Pandemic
30 – Ian Training for the Big SURreal Virtual Challenge
31 – Ian on adapting to the Pandemic with goal-setting and training the amateur team
32 – Being Process-Oriented vs Goal-Oriented and Closing Thoughts

Upcoming: I have a list of boxers, coaches, and runners coming up! (Don’t want to spoil anything yet) If you’re interested in being interviewed, please contact me at

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